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Necroncide Arena is a turn-based tactical shooter where two players engage in an arena battle to eliminate each other's teams or reach a score cap by attacking a spawning mutant. 

Currently the game only supports LOCAL MULTIPLAYER.

Currently the Mutant can only spawn in pacifist mode (no counterattacks).

This game is still a work in progress! The current build is the result of 10 weeks of sweat, blood and tears.


Team Lead: Alex Puh

Programmer: Tyler Kaplan

Artist: Celine Cote

Sound Designer: Nat Perez

Created in association with VGDC at UCI.

Devlog and additional breakdown of the game's origins, mechanics and each team member's contributions will be posted here.


NecroncideArena_v0.1_x64.zip 358 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run NecroncideArena.exe. 

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